summer '18

This summer I partnered with Remote Year (@remoteyear) to travel around Europe. They handled my accomodations as I traveled from city to city. I had a dope apartment with roommates in each place I visited and we stayed in each city for a full month. First, I lived in Split, Croatia , then Prague, Valencia and lastly in Sofia. I traveled in between cities too, visiting Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, two trips to Paris, Rome and more. See the photo series from my trip to Europe at Urban Futurism.


Location: Cape Town, South Africa. Shot by Sharan Chawla. Stranded in the Garden of Eden.

between the lines

The video for "Between The Lines" was loosely inspired by the film "Flash Dance" but our main objective was to create a portraiture of urban life. Our focus was on spotlighting two young creatives in a toxic relationship, working to get by. We decided I wouldn't do any performance shots because our goal was to go cinematic, and we felt singing into the camera would make it cheesy. So, here's the moment of truth, hope you enjoy and please spread the word.

Lost Summer Days

‘Lost Summer Days’ is not only stylistically nostalgic but is also footage from Jase Harley’s own childhood and teen years. An ode to family, home video snippets were found and edited as a montage dedicated to summers spent with loved ones. Fellow Fresh Fuzionist Choc Mic lends his unmistakable vocals while we also see his younger self make an appearance at both the artist’s high school graduation.


In ‘2020’, we see Jase’s Hoboken based headquarters, the Fresh Fuzion Factory. It isn’t just a set for the video, but where the artist has created the sounds we hear across the American Heathen series. Time spent in the industrial building built in the 1800s, collabing with fellow artists is another day in the life but also, where looking back over the years allows for clear vision - that’s then used to only look forward.


There is nowhere else more appropriate to film Harley’s Christmas inspired track ‘Jack Frost’ than New York City. The buildings emblazoned, and trees entangled with bright lights, while the subway is busy with cold heads and warm tidings. It’s the quintessential Christmas destination meeting with a not so typical holiday hip hop anthem.


“Timelines of the rich and famous” denotes what has become obsessional behavior when it comes to checking social media to keep an eye on what ‘they’re’ doing, while losing connection with our own lives. Unable to pigeonhole Harley as a strictly ‘hip hop’ artist, “for me a third verse is a rare occasion” does however remind us of Jase’s effortless ability to revisit the rap ethos of being lyrically driven. The riff played by London based pianist Jan Hart is reminiscent of a sample, again giving us the feeling of an old school hip hop beat but, was played live in the Fresh Fuzion Factory.


While ‘Propaganda’ broaches serious subject matter, the infectious bounce can’t be ignored as can be seen with the artists performance and crowd response. This dynamic is then even reflected in the use of the song ‘Have Fun’ for the outro…which as with most Jase Harley projects, has more layers than is implied by the title.

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